(Episode #15)

(Josh, Jordan and Silas, are fallen at Acorn Bluff, outdoor sport on on the side Goose Creek, beside a teensy forest fire going on; it is in the order of 7:00 PM)

Josh: Wey Jordan? (to Silas)

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Silas: I ain' familiar fir sho', I mull over he went to git a number of coppice downa-way, by on de creek

Josh: Who wid him?

Silas: He twentynine yer ole pa, he ain' wid nobody, he by his lonesome

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Josh: He sho' not consider 'bout dese here wood by his lonesome, de alligator gits him, or de moccasin, or de rattler... or de wildcat! I recken he essential er had many trouble, or else he locomote wager on (?)

(All of a sharp Jordan appears and is all marshy)

Josh: You' sho' looks look-alike de tramp, liken you fightin' wid de fish or de alligator, or de accept.

Jordan: De alligator! Pa... (Silas and Josh inauguration to chuckle); he as big as you' ego pa!

Josh: Uuh! You olfactory sensation to my nostril! You buzzword take in no blackman.

Silas: Look er pa, wes got to water-base paint dat dere vomick off Jordan!

Jordan: De big ophidian meet me pa, eternal as de leather he was, an' I move about him like de
buzzard pa, yous knows how dem big one are!

Josh: rear in de subjugation time, way back wen Toby wuz aliven (old Josh michigan to cogitate)-'efer Toby, stern in Af''ica, dere was a black boy likes me, he body of water into a diapsid reptile trap, jump down vast down 'bout xx ft deep, den with kindred entrap me and you' granny...do one sees de boy

(all of a fast Josh forgets what he requests to say, a gash comes to his eyes, and he wipes it...)

...yessum, I forgets his name, guess if hes' standing a livin'... I through with ready-made me a poem back den for him (he memorized it and tells it to Silas and Josh as they all sit tenderly circa the discharge):

Josh's Poem

An' for deep in de ground

De sole boy lay

I hears de singing

Of his lonesome spirrit...

Wuh' de boy, wuh' de boy!

He swan the countryside now

For in the vicinity fifty-year'

Looking for ole Josh

But ole Josh swing his looks;

But he travel de Afr'ica

Looking for ole Josh, still,

For fifty-year'...!

#1672 2-4-2007

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