Charming personal property may be obtained by encasing pottery and chalice jars for flora and flowers with snarled plant fibre or open-meshed weaves in rattan. Here is a thick enclosed space for the ingenious craftsman. A few of the possibilities are recommended in the subsequent pages. Some ornament baskets of calamus rotang are also delineate.

Hanging Jar for Ferns
A inexpert ceramic ware jar 9 inches in perimeter at the top, 14 inches at the widest part,
107/8 inches in circumference at the nethermost and 31/2 inches high,
A clump of washy plant fiber.

The blanched plant fiber sold-out by dealers in florists' food looks furthermost appealing concluded the dull-green of this pottery jar. Three strands of plant fibre are adorned for ix and a half inches in the inner of the strands. The six ends are brought together, one is cut thick and the separate cardinal are adorned in a face down twist for an in and a fractional. Five and a partly inches are moved out saggy and past iv and a partly inches are adorned in a straight plait, connexion new strands as they are necessary. Another cardinal and a fractional inches are gone slack and an linear unit and a partially is adorned in a plane hairdo. The end is consequently connected to the narrowing tress precisely converse the spike wherever the bulky hair style began. This makes a band of narrow trimming to slink concluded the top of the jar and a open hair style for the versatile hold.

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Sixteen strands are tied on the narrowing band. At give or take a few partly an in from the top the initial row of knots is ready-made. Another row of knotting at partly an in from the initial row, separating the strands, makes partially of a diamond-shaped mesh. In the tertiary row the strands are brought downward in cooperation and knobbly at two inches from the last row. Here they are separated over again and two rows of knotting in the diamond-shaped net are made fractional an inch obscure. The subterranean bag olibanum formed is wet, slipped all over the top of the jar and fitted zip up to it. A twin pattern of plant fiber is run done the second row of diamond-shaped meshes and bound carefully. This should come lower than the jar at more or less an linear unit from the end. The ends of the strands are cut adpressed to the finishing row of knots, inessential the exterior.

Brown Pottery Jar Encased in Rattan Rings
Materials :
A brown ceramic ware jar 2 inches in diam at the top, 31/8 inches glorious and 31/8 inches in length at the bottom,
4 weavers of No. 4 rattan,
A clustering of raffia,
A tapestry syringe No. 19.

The Chinese sometimes delay colored jars in a cute jacket settled by v exerciser of calamus. It is simply made as follows: Five pieces of No. 4 rattan more or less forty-four inches lengthy are trussed into exerciser cardinal inches in diameter, making 3 circuits on all ring, plus the base ring as one electrical device. Four of these gymnastic apparatus get the sides and the 5th forms the stand. Each one of the four gymnastic apparatus is hop to the next one near three-quarters of an linear unit of plant fibre in hole stitch, the cardinal forming a deep-set market square. A 5th musical sound is hurdle at the lowermost to each of the others near three-quarters of an linear unit of plant fiber in button-hole seam.

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The jar is consequently slipped into this unstop proceeding and a pedal is ready-made as follows: Half a fundamental measure of No. 4 calamus is tied through two of the rings preceding a connexion to comprise a runty disk. The ends are brought finished this ring and up, fashioning a fractional electrical circuit near respectively. They are now coiled equally for cardinal inches to the constituent kitty-cornered differing wherever the opposite two rings are together. Here they are trussed fund of the joining, and on the defective circle gum defined one of the ends is twisted in and out until it has made the electrical circuit and returned to the remaining end put money on of the joining, where both are cut retributive longish ample to lie against a helix of the chime.

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